The Le Cavalier Story

Le Cavalier / The Le Cavalier Story


Meaning of name

LE CAVALIER – “A gallant or courtly gentleman, especially one acting as a lady’s escort


Brand Story


LE CAVALIER is a brand that is built on love for our Mother Earth and an incredible desire to utilize these amazing powers and energies in fashionable jewelry.

Our story begins back when our founder was just 16 years old, first year of high school had just started and he got his first girlfriend.

But anxiety and nervousness kicked in every time he was going to visit the girlfriend and her family, which resulted in being unable to eat and getting jitters.

Same thing happened when going for exams – anxiety, stress, unable to eat, etc. He searched the internet for ways to get rid of this or cure whatever was wrong.

This was where he came across Natural Stone Healing.

He started going for weekly appointments at a healer, whom introduced him to the many energies and healing properties within these Natural Stones.

Long story short, after 2 months of Natural Stone Healing, he was feeling his self-confidence coming back when going for exams, and he was again able to fully enjoy the company of his girlfriend and her family, being completely calm and feeling in control of his emotions.

He bought a Natural Stone that had the abilities to boost self-confidence, and keeping the emotions in check. He would keep this stone in his right front pocket, whenever going for exams and presentations.

He was amazed to learn, yet again, how the powers and energies from the stone helped him, as if the problems had never even been there.

This major transition sparked a lot of curiosity in him, around these Natural Stones, and he started carefully studying them to see what other things they may could do for him or for people he knew.

Some time later, he bought himself another Natural Stone, a stone that was intended to take away, or at least calm down, his fear of flying.

Together with various Le Cavalier-bracelets, he is still using these exact same stones today – one for important meetings or other impactful events, and one for traveling. Whenever not in use, the stones are “guarding” in front of a picture of his Grandmother (Mormor).

In essence, we know the mind-blowing energies and powers within these Natural Stones, and our biggest wish is for you to realize the same, by wearing our handcrafted jewelry.


“Be at the top of your game – while looking good”