Madame Emma

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“The Protecting Lady of Self-Growth and Development”

  • Chevron Amethyst
  • Le Cavalier Crown with Silver Finish and White CZ Diamonds
  • Signature Spacers with Silver Finish
  • Fast and Secure Checkout via Amazon
  • 100% Natural Stones
  •  Completed Sage Cleansing

Size: 18.5 cm

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As all of our stone beads are made from natural stone, the look of each bracelet may slightly vary. This is because no natural stone looks completely identical, even though it is the same type of stone – to read more, please click here.

Chevron Amethyst (10mm)

🌱 Chakra – Crown, Third Eye

🌱 A gemstone of protection that is said as if it was creating a safety bubble around its wearer

🌱 Will serve you peace and serenity in stressful moments

🌱 Promotes relaxation and self-discovery

🌱 When your body and mind are at rest, you will have more opportunities to discover new things about yourself

🌱 Strengthens your psychic abilities and opens your Third Eye

🌱 Cleanses the aura

🌱 A sobering stone that is very helpful for those trying to kick a bad habit or quitting an addiction

🌱 Promotes self-growth and development. Inspires you to move towards spiritual growth and achieve your higher potential


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